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Recruitment…just like your box of eggs!

At the time of year where we have all probably had one too many chocolate eggs I began to think about the perception of the industry I have found myself in…

  1. The Omelette Egg – it just brings everything together, that final piece of the jigsaw to make it, well, just work.
  2. The Fried Egg – Preferably sunny side up…simple, brought in to solve the problem of livening your gammon up…fresh, bright and optimistic can sit on top or alongside what you already have on your plate.
  3. The Bad Egg – Horrible smell….binned it….off eggs for a while….well that was a shame, hopefully we’ll be back into eggs one day!
  4. The Double Yolker!!! Value for money…Brucey Bonus, you wish they were all like that, can it be repeated?!
  5. The Scrambled Egg – A bit scrappy, often untidy and hard to manage. It got the job done in a staple diet, nothing exciting unless its accompanied by some outstanding talent, salmon maybe?
  6. The Crème Egg – I’m off to scoff one of these beauties…the other 5 wish they were as good as this one!
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