No Agencies Please

3rd June 2021
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These dreaded 3 words at the bottom of a job advert invariably mean that the company in question has little or no time for recruitment consultancies or worse still, has suffered at the hands of one of the ‘over promise…under achieve’ players in the market

Recruitment consultancy is about matching job seeking candidates with hiring clients. Simple really.

This is a competitive, sales-led environment with a focus on new business relationships, fee negotiation and the continued pressure to deliver results. So, corners are cut, service delivery is compromised and people are let down. Some clients then decide to by-pass recruiters altogether and attempt a direct hire.

Candidates have little or no loyalty to any one recruiter as their expectations are so low. All in all, not a pretty picture

So, guess what I did the other week…I saw an advert for a senior marketing role within an organisation with a strict hands off policy when it comes to the use of recruitment firms. This is a business that has traditionally avoided any long term relationships with recruiters, preferring when necessary to farm out roles that have proved difficult to fill through their own direct hiring methods.

I instinctively knew the right candidate for this position. Not only that but I knew he was only contracting and was therefore more than willing and very able to apply for a permanent role. What to do?

What’s in it for me?

Instead of attempting a blagging call into the client on the back of a strong CV, I called my candidate, told him about the role, where to find the advert online, told him everything I knew about the company and made it very clear that I would not be representing him for this position as the company was going to market directly.

He is now at 2nd stage interview for the role, meaning I will potentially lose a strong candidate from my network and of course there is no financial gain for my referral. So, what’s in it for me?

Firstly, the Head of HR at the company in question has emailed to thank me for the candidate referral and for being ‘refreshingly honest’

My candidate also has a whole new perspective on the candidate/recruiter relationship. He could be moving into a senior management role any day now and if one day he needs to recruit for his team, who is he likely to call first?