Recruiter or robot?

13th June 2021
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Meeting a hiring manager to discuss a role can often feel like an exercise in ticking boxes before going away and writing up a bland job description, lacking any flair or excitement. How often do recruiters simply go through the motions when taking a brief:

  • Reason for vacancy
  • Reporting lines
  • Key skills and qualifications
  • Salary & package

….and so on…

Getting under the skin

The real fun in recruiting for a client is when we have the chance to really get under the skin of a business, understand the culture of a department or an organisation, get to know the key players and really have some interesting insights to give candidates when canvassing them for certain roles.

This is the time to ask questions that go beyond the usual bland everyday things we would expect to ask. As recruiters, we have an obligation to challenge the hiring manager, getting them to really provide an insight into the role and the sort of person they are looking for.

Time to start asking challenging questions, such as:

  • Let’s take skills and relevant experience for granted….what are the personal traits someone needs in order to fit in to this organisation?
  • What is the biggest obstacle to succeeding in this role and has anyone come up short in the past…if so why?
  • What will the interview process involve and are you confident it will be broad and detailed enough to really assess each candidate fully prior to appointment?
  • What hiring pitfalls or mistakes have you made as a business in the past for similar roles?

My experience tells me that clients enjoy being challenged and asked to really look in detail at the hiring process, the wider candidate profile and their organisational set up in order to make the recruitment process as effective as possible.

A rushed process often means a poor hire, an unsettled candidate and a role that can quickly become vacant again.