You’re not doing it right!

5th October 2021
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Are you future proofing?

Are businesses engaging in the right way with Generation Z…our future leaders.

A global study reveals that Generation Z (aged 16-19) is more difficult to engage with than any other…especially in the UK.

Now we know, that you know, we aren’t your marketing agency or guru’s for that matter…we are however your conduit to the future talent within your business.

In the UK, Gen Z is harder to connect with and significantly less receptive to all media. A recent study reveals that among those that skip ads, Gen Z skip three seconds faster per ad on average than Gen X (aged 35-49), is your engagement strategy strong enough to ensure you and your brand are seen and heard above the rest.

Are succession and talent future proofing something you invest time in within your business? Can you rely that your recruitment partner is as forward thinking as you and not just reacting to the market or age old stigmatised techniques…food for thought!