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Recruitment and the KPI Culture

The bad old days of recruitment still exist in some agency offices across the UK. Quantity rules and quality is at best an afterthought.

Traditionally, recruitment consultancy staff were ruled and governed by KPI data, measuring number of sales calls per day, client visits per week, how many new candidates had been registered onto the database and how many candidate CVs had been ‘spec’d out’ often unsolicited to unsuspecting client hiring managers.

Consultancy not sales…

For most of us, things have moved on.

Rather than working in a boiler room environment, we spend our time focussing on quality relationships with candidates as well as clients, understanding individual drivers, cultural fit and how we may best support a recruitment process.

KPI information naturally has a place in any business that relies on fee earnings in order to generate revenue but a true recruitment consultancy looks beyond basic information such as call ratios and database growth and carefully considers individual business relationships, candidate engagement and long term opportunities.

It isn’t rocket science….this is a relationship and consultancy led industry. Get the basics right and KPIs are no longer necessary.