Recruit a runner…

OK, so I am slightly biased but I believe runners make fantastic employees…..

Being an ultra-distance runner I have a lot of time to think and ponder certain things while I spend hours pounding the roads and trails of my native Northumberland. I plan work situations, work out how I will spend the weekend, compose blogs such as this one and a recurring theme in my mind is the correlation between training for endurance sport and successfully delivering results in the workplace.

If you think about it, regardless of what we do for a job, most of us have targets to achieve in our professional lives. The marketing professional who needs to demonstrate a return on investment from a specific campaign. The HR Manager who needs to co-ordinate and lead a recruitment project. The Sales Manager, who has to engage with a certain number of new customers each week and bring in revenue.

None of this is achieved without planning, without first knowing what the goal is and putting in measures to achieve that goal.

It is the same for a runner. I began running over ten years ago, having given up a 20 a day smoking habit. I needed to shed some weight and although I had a long road ahead of me (literally) I knew that completing an ironman triathlon was my ultimate goal.

This was not going to happen overnight. I needed to work to a plan, achieve mini targets in order to reach my main aim. Within 2 years, I had completed my first ironman race.

The workplace is the same and this is why endurance athletes make great employees:

  • They know how to plan
  • They are disciplined in their training
  • They do not give up even when it is very tempting to do so
  • They suffer setbacks and work around them
  • They are rarely poorly
  • They achieve a goal and immediately look for the next challenge

So, if you are hiring….look at what the potential candidate gets up to in their spare time….recruit a runner and you will have the employee of your dreams!